The Persian Woman

From the mean streets of Tehran to the dusty back roads of Texas, The Persian Woman takes you across a noir landscape of jihad, bio-terror, and forbidden love, and perhaps even gives you a glimpse into the secret world of angels and demons.

Five years after leading a mission to rescue two young American women from jihadist captors, Navy SEAL Jeffrey Quinn has a dilemma. He receives information that a terror attack on U.S. soil is at hand. One of the rescued women is implicated in the plot. After much agonizing, he takes the information to the FBI. He balks, however, when he learns that the agent to be assigned to the case is Special Agent Parvin Sassani, a headscarf-clad Iranian woman. Quinn’s wife was murdered by a jihadist; he has no love for Muslims. Resolving to handle the matter himself, he spurns all Agent Sassani’s efforts to win his co-operation until she puts her own career on the line to save him from a false charge of homicide. From then on they work together to thwart the attack. In the process, Quinn comes to love her deeply for her intelligence, culture and courage. “She had been the best human being of us all,” he concludes.

“A truly excellent book to read with captivating plot, interesting and believable characters, powerful message and full scope of human emotions, experiences and life choices. Highly recommended!” — Elena (5-Star Amazon Review)
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